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PSCWNY Olympics & Picnic

At Presbyterian Senior Care, we strive to provide fun activities for our residents on a daily basis! We love when we are able to bring our three communities together for exciting events.
On July 12th, Lockport Presbyterian Home hosted the PSCWNY Olympics & Picnic for Ken-Ton Presbyterian Village, Presbyterian Village at North Church, and their own community! This year’s event theme was “butterflies are free”; some residents, staff & families

Meet Gwen, Our Story-Filled Friend

At Presbyterian Senior Care, we love when our residents reminisce about their experiences in and around our communities. Our residents have so many exciting stories to tell, and we decided to share them with you!
Presbyterian Village at North Church resident, Gwen, has been a friend of ours for almost three years, and she is full of interesting stories from her childhood! One of the most fascinating things about Gwen is that she was born in Hawaii,

Meet Ginny, A Long Time Friend of Ours

At Presbyterian Senior Care, we value providing our residents a living experience that embraces their independence in and around the community. Each one of our residents mean so much to us, and we love to hear their stories and experiences.
One resident who has been a very kind friend over the years at Presbyterian Village at North Church is Ginny. She joined our community ten years ago, and she thought this place was the right choice for

Meet Alice, A Resident Who Found Her Happy Place

At Presbyterian Senior Care, we work to provide seniors with everything they need to live fulfilling and independent lives. Residents are always amazed when they realize that they can free themselves from worry, the same way Presbyterian Village at North Church resident, Alice, did.
Alice joined our community in 2015 after looking at various senior living options. She says her favorite part about living at The Village is that she doesn’t have to worry about the responsibilities

Meet Bud, A Resident With Great Stories

One of our favorite things to do at Presbyterian Senior Care is talk to our residents and learn a little more about their life experiences. We are always amazed at the stories our residents have to tell, and we value each and every bit of advice they share with us!
Presbyterian Village at North Church resident, Bud, has a lifetime worth of stories, and he loves to share all of them! Perhaps one of his most

Meet Dewey, A Resident Who Embraces Aging

At Presbyterian Senior Care, we embrace aging in everything we do. Our residents are no different and they never cease to amaze us!
Presbyterian Village at North Church resident, Dewey, shows us all what it means to embrace aging and free yourself each and every day. Not only is Dewey a Shea’s season ticket holder who goes to as many shows as she possibly can, but she is also an avid bowler. She has been bowling for

Spring it On – Save the Date!

Presbyterian Senior Care of WNY, Inc. is participating in Spring it On, a one day giving event focused on supporting the non-profit organizations in our community.  We invite you to participate in this event which seeks to mobilize citizens for one day of giving to strengthen and support our community.  To donate to one of our local non-profits, you can see all the communities participating here:  To donate to Presbyterian Senior Care of WNY  during this

The Holidays Hit Presbyterian Senior Care

Santa Visiting Lockport's Christmas Party

The holidays are a very special and magical time for all of us. At Presbyterian Senior Care, it’s one of our favorite times of year. Our halls are filled with love, laughter, and kindness. All of our residents truly embrace the holiday season and we’re always amazed by their warmth and generosity. We work to make sure their holiday season is just as bright as they make ours, but every year they surprise us more with their love of the

Embrace Aging

Have you heard of Baddie Winkle?
I fell in love with this gal after seeing her outfit at the MTV 2016 Video Music Awards and then finding her bio video on you tube:
This woman is my hero.
A true testament to resilience, courage and enjoying living in the moment.  Don’t we all want to embrace aging like Baddie Winkle?
What makes her so spectacular, short of everything?  Baddie is not just aging, she is living.  We could all

Helping A Parent Downsize : 3 Financially Savvy Reasons To Do It

If you’re thinking about helping a loved one downsize here are three money saving tips to consider:
Tip #1 – Utility Costs
The average 915 sq. foot apartment in the Buffalo, NY area costs $195.13 a month in utility costs (Electricity, Heating, Water, Garbage) according to
When downsizing it’s not just about the mortgage or having a more manageable home.
You can also consider how utility costs play into the decision.
If the current home is not energy efficient (old windows, poor