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We’ve segmented this news section by two types of content, news directly about Presbyterian Senior Care of WNY, and interesting articles curated from around the web.

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Below you’ll find the unfiltered stream of both Presbyterian Senior Care of WNY news and interesting links that relate to you or your loved ones:

Making Music at Ken-Ton Presbyterian Village


At Presbyterian Senior Care, we strive to create fun memories for our residents through daily gatherings that everyone will enjoy. We love how engaged and active our residents are during the activities. Whether it’s an arts and crafts project or an outdoor adventure, our residents have SO much fun participating in these events with friends! 😊

Recently, Ken-Ton Presbyterian Village took part in an AWESOME musical activity! Residents made music on drums, tambourines, and other instruments with their instructor, Carolyn. Everyone formed a big drum circle around Carolyn and tapped along with her while they sang a ton of fun songs. The room was full of high energy as Carolyn guided residents along with the different tunes! 🥁

Residents were all smiles as they followed the drum beats and sang along with Carolyn! At one point, they even started chanting our favorite inspirational message, “Age is just a number!” They really know what it means to embrace aging through this activity! 😊 ❤️

Carolyn’s personality added a little extra spirit to the drum circle and helped make it an even better time! We think everyone sounded WONDERFUL from beginning to end! Maybe Ken-Ton residents will start a band someday! 😉

To see more videos and pictures of the fun-filled day, check out our Facebook page.

Residents & Carolyn playing drums & singing songs!

PSCWNY Olympics & Picnic

At Presbyterian Senior Care, we strive to provide fun activities for our residents on a daily basis! We love when we are able to bring our three communities together for exciting events.

On July 12th, Lockport Presbyterian Home hosted the PSCWNY Olympics & Picnic for Ken-Ton Presbyterian Village, Presbyterian Village at North Church, and their own community! This year’s event theme was “butterflies are free”; some residents, staff & families even dressed in butterfly-themed clothing to join in on the fun! 🦋 Residents and their families were excited to enjoy the summer day filled with outdoor activities!


Residents & staff in butterfly-themed apparel


The event kicked off with special guest, Miss New York Pre-Teen, Elizabeth, saying our Olympic Pledge and The Pledge of Allegiance. She did a wonderful job, and looked awesome in her pageant sash and tiara! 😊

There were a ton of outdoor games and activities that residents participated in. From mini golf to bean bag toss to basketball, our participants were full of smiles while competing!


Miss New York Pre-Teen (bottom left) and activities taking place


When competitors grew hungry, Lockport Presbyterian Home provided refreshments and a DELICIOUS lunch for everyone in their dining room. While guests enjoyed their meal, they listened to live music that was very entertaining! 🎤

In between the Olympic games and lunch, LPH’s Marketing Director, Toni, gave a tour of Lockport’s resident community. Guests loved the “Art In The Halls” exhibit that currently hangs throughout the community’s halls.


Guests enjoying lunch & touring Lockport Presbyterian Home


At the end of the event, we awarded our participants with Olympic Medals for their efforts in the games. Residents were so excited to receive tokens for all their hard work throughout the competition! 😊

A special Thank You goes out to all our volunteers who helped us throughout the day. We’re so lucky to have had a great team of volunteers to assist our participants throughout the day as they competed in the various outdoor activities! ❤️



To see more photos of the exciting day, check out our Facebook page.

Lockport Open House & “Art in the Halls” Art Show

Lockport Presbyterian Home


At Presbyterian Senior Care, we love to show off our communities and the amazing things our residents have to offer! We have a variety of talented and artistic people who have created beautiful works of art, and we want to display their hard work!

On Sunday, July 9th, Lockport Presbyterian Home is hosting a very special event that focuses on the beauty in and around their community. Everyone is invited to tour our beautiful mansions that make up LPH, as well as take a walk through the garden to explore the grounds.

This event will also kick off our Art in the Halls! We are featuring an assortment of artwork throughout the halls of Lockport Presbyterian Home. A lot of the featured paintings were created by our residents, so they are very near and dear to our hearts! There will also be art on loan from collectors and local artists on display! In addition to the art in the exhibit, there will be an Artists Meet & Greet and refreshments! The Art Trail Art Show will run from July 9th to July 28th. You can find all of the exhibit hours here. 😊

This event is free and open to the public.

Garden Walk:

 July 9th – 10:00am – 4:00pm

Open House:

July 9th – 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Opening Reception:

July 9th – 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Art in the Halls:

July 9th – 28th, times vary


Artwork from residents, collectors, and local artists



Open House Art Show Schedule


Meet Gwen, Our Story-Filled Friend

At Presbyterian Senior Care, we love when our residents reminisce about their experiences in and around our communities. Our residents have so many exciting stories to tell, and we decided to share them with you!

Presbyterian Village at North Church resident, Gwen, has been a friend of ours for almost three years, and she is full of interesting stories from her childhood! One of the most fascinating things about Gwen is that she was born in Hawaii, and is the daughter to Southern Baptist Missionaries. Her family followed their religious group’s destiny and traveled to North China. Gwen says their stay brought her pure happiness. She learned German from her family’s caretaker and reveled in the experiences of a different country.

In 1939, shortly before the attack on Pearl Harbor, her family packed up and headed back to Hawaii, and were accompanied by many refugees. There weren’t any facilities for the refugees who didn’t have a place to stay in Hawaii, which made Gwen’s father want to take action. He quickly started doing his missionary work and shared his Southern Baptist religion with many of the refugees. Thanks to his work, there are still numerous Southern Baptist Churches throughout the islands of Hawaii.

Resident Spotlight – Gwen

Meet Gwen, originally from Hawaii but now a big fan of Wegmans 😉 📸

Posted by Presbyterian Senior Care of WNY on Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back home in Western New York, one of Gwen’s favorite places to go is Wegmans! She also enjoys taking trips to Grand Island, to visit with her daughter. She describes it as having a “nice, small country, small town look,” which is why she loves it so much! 😊

Gwen couldn’t help but let us know that her favorite part of living at PVNC is having her own kitchen! She enjoys the freedom it gives her and she wouldn’t change it for the world. Gwen also loves the landscaping and the fact that she doesn’t have to worry about the burden of maintaining it! She says, “It is so well done and beautiful. No matter where you go or which building you’re in, it’s always just gorgeous!”

We love hearing what Gwen thinks about living in our community, but we love listening to her stories even more! For more stories from residents like Gwen, check out our Resident Spotlight series. With so many residents, we promise you will hear some great stories! 💕