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We’ve segmented this news section by two types of content, news directly about Presbyterian Senior Care of WNY, and interesting articles curated from around the web.

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Below you’ll find the unfiltered stream of both Presbyterian Senior Care of WNY news and interesting links that relate to you or your loved ones:

‘We Believe’ Behind the Scenes

At Presbyterian Senior Care, we embrace aging in everything we do and our residents are no different!

Across all of our locations, they continue to amaze us with everything they do. Our residents have a variety of intriguing stories, and sometimes they even tell us their favorite part about living at Presbyterian Senior Care! We believe those are words worth sharing, so we are! 😊

At the Presbyterian Village at North Church, we created resident spotlight videos that highlighted multiple residents. We heard their wonderful stories and learned about the experiences they had both in and around the PVNC community. The residents said they loved being on camera, as it made them feel like superstars while they reminisced on their past and present adventures.

Because of the overwhelming positivity and engagement we received from the Presbyterian Village at North Church, we decided to create resident videos highlighting Lockport Presbyterian Home!

Just look at all the fun we had behind the scenes! Stay tuned for the launch of our new videos! 

Lockport Presbyterian Home

Meet Alice, A Resident Who Found Her Happy Place

At Presbyterian Senior Care, we work to provide seniors with everything they need to live fulfilling and independent lives. Residents are always amazed when they realize that they can free themselves from worry, the same way Presbyterian Village at North Church resident, Alice, did.

Alice joined our community in 2015 after looking at various senior living options. She says her favorite part about living at The Village is that she doesn’t have to worry about the responsibilities of home ownership, but she still gets the feeling that she’s a part of a neighborhood community.

When talking about her time at PVNC, she simply describes it as “perfect.” She feels safe, cared for, and has a lot of friends. She knows it can be easy to isolate yourself in senior apartments, but that is not the case at The Village. She knew instantly that it was the right place for her. She felt a sense of belonging right from the start and she couldn’t help but jump in and meet her new neighbors.

You can watch more of what she has to say here:

Resident Spotlight – Alice

Alice is a hoot! We love her & know you'll enjoy getting to know her! <3 📸

Posted by Presbyterian Senior Care of WNY on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

We couldn’t be happier that Alice decided to join us at Presbyterian Village at North Church. We are so blessed to have her in our PSCWNY family. She really knows what it means to free yourself and embrace aging!

If you are considering a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, click here or schedule a tour for more information. We would be happy to show you around!

Meet Bud, A Resident With Great Stories

One of our favorite things to do at Presbyterian Senior Care is talk to our residents and learn a little more about their life experiences. We are always amazed at the stories our residents have to tell, and we value each and every bit of advice they share with us!

Presbyterian Village at North Church resident, Bud, has a lifetime worth of stories, and he loves to share all of them! Perhaps one of his most unusual, but interesting, stories comes from a trip he took to Venezuela. He went to help search for something buried deep in the jungle, but along the way, he was met with many challenges, with the first being a language barrier between him and his guide.

With communication impeded, Bud and his guide made their way through the winding streets of Caracas, where they were eventually met by armed men. Unbeknownst to them, they had inadvertently stumbled upon a drug operation, but luckily for Bud, his guide was able to talk the men down and actually got them to help in Bud’s search.

Once Bud found what he was looking for, he was met with another obstacle: a python was slithering right over his feet! It had just eaten, and Bud could still see the lump in the snake’s belly. Lucky for him, the snake paid him no attention and simply went on its way. After that, Bud left the jungle and made his way back home.

While Bud is a very active storyteller, this is one of the stories that resonates with us the most. When asked why he likes living at Presbyterian Village at North Church, he simply states that he hasn’t seen a single python since he’s been here.

We are so glad that Bud is enjoying himself, and hasn’t seen a python at Presbyterian Village at North Church. We couldn’t be happier to lend and ear and listen to his great stories, and stories from other residents in our Presbyterian Senior Care family.

Bud reminds us that adventure is everywhere, and sometimes, all you need to do is embrace aging to find it!


Resident Spotlight – Bud

Meet Bud, story teller and star of our first "Resident Spotlight." Watch Bud share a most unusual trip to Venezuela…

Posted by Presbyterian Senior Care of WNY on Sunday, June 26, 2016

Meet Dewey, A Resident Who Embraces Aging

At Presbyterian Senior Care, we embrace aging in everything we do. Our residents are no different and they never cease to amaze us!

Presbyterian Village at North Church resident, Dewey, shows us all what it means to embrace aging and free yourself each and every day. Not only is Dewey a Shea’s season ticket holder who goes to as many shows as she possibly can, but she is also an avid bowler. She has been bowling for 70 years and is quite good. Her highest score was 266 and she had a 626 average. Recently, she was placed into the bowling hall of fame!

Aside from bowling and going to shows, Dewey is involved in many other activities. She is a member of two book clubs, the Embroiderer’s Guild of America, the Federation of Women, the Business Women, and the Amherst Republican Women. When asked about her activities, Dewey says, “I join things because I like to work for women and I am out all of the time.”

Although she didn’t know anyone when she moved into to Presbyterian Village at North Church, she has quickly made friends. She admits that she is very outgoing and likes to talk, so it’s no surprise that when people invite her along, in classic Dewey fashion, she joins them!

Resident Spotlight – Dewey

Meet Dewey, Shea's season ticket holder, hall of fame bowler and "worry free." 📸

Posted by Presbyterian Senior Care of WNY on Friday, August 12, 2016


While she remains very active and engaged in outside activities, one of her favorite things is being “worry-free”. She has lived in Buffalo for her whole life and she enjoys not having to worry about shoveling snow or cutting the grass now that she’s at Presbyterian Village at North Church. She says, “It’s all done for me, and this way, I can relax and enjoy!”

We couldn’t be happier that she is enjoying her time at Presbyterian Village at North Church. We are so blessed to have her, and other great residents like her, in our Presbyterian Senior Care family. Dewey shows all of us what it means to embrace aging and free yourself.

Annual Spring Dinner & Easter Egg Hunt at Lockport Presbyterian Home


Spring has sprung and that means it’s time for our annual Spring Dinner & Easter Egg Hunt at Lockport Presbyterian Home!

Our halls will be filled with Easter fun for the whole family.

Join us on Sunday, April 9th, from 12:00pm – 4pm, for our Spring Dinner, which features eat-in and take-out Chicken BBQ from Krolick’s, as well as a basket raffle, bazaar, jewelry and quilt raffle, bake sale, and 50-50 raffle. Dinner and basket raffle tickets are available from Auxiliary Members, at the door, or by calling 716-434-8805. Chicken BBQ Dinner tickets are $10.50 each.

The fun doesn’t stop there! Starting at 1:30pm, kids will scour our front lawn in hopes of finding the most eggs and winning some pretty great Easter prizes in our annual Easter Egg Hunt.

The Spring Dinner and Egg Hunt is one of our favorite events and our residents love the chance to celebrate Easter with their friends, families, and community. We’re all friends at Lockport Presbyterian Home, that’s why this event is open to the public. We sincerely hope that you will join us and find your friends here.



 Spring Dinner & Bazaar

Lockport Presbyterian Home

April 9th

12:00pm – 4pm

Easter Egg Hunt

Front Lawn