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Lockport Presbyterian Home

Find Your Friends Here. You have collected a robust catalogue of keepsakes.  These items pleasantly remind you of times and places that infused joy into your journey.  You have collected more than things and memories, though.  You have collected treasured relationships that are the true well where your joy springs eternal.  Some of these friends are living great years here at Lockport Presbyterian Home.  They look forward to sharing plenty of beautiful years with you as their neighbor.  There are also some new friends that you will wish you met sooner, waiting to make your acquaintance.  You are going to find much here that you will gladly welcome as closely-held valuables.  Established in 1959, Lockport Presbyterian Home is the longest operating Adult Care Facility in our area and provides respite care to those in temporary need.


Services Offered at Lockport Presbyterian Home

You should live as independently as you are able.  You’ll have your own private or semi-private room in a secure setting where you can come and go as you like.  You also have the security of knowing that someone is available 24 hours a day if you need something.


View Accommodations at Lockport Presbyterian Home

Within the restored mansions, and the new building on campus, there are several styles of living spaces.  All together, there are 52 private resident rooms, studios and suites.  Select an option that’s right for you.  You’re encouraged to furnish your space and make it your own.


Photos of Lockport Presbyterian Home

Our residents choose to embrace aging together, while having comfortable adult care living.  Community is what makes a place feel like home.  Our photos will tell a story of community that our words would only fall short to describe.


Directions to Lockport Presbyterian Home

Lockport was given its name due to its long history associated with the Erie Canal.  Luckily for you, a quick drive to our community will be a short memory.  For detailed directions, click on the “view more” button to the right.  A better future is a short distance away.