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Planned Giving

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Giving with a Purpose.

When you make the mission of Presbyterian Senior Care of Western New York (PSC) a part of your estate plan, you’re ensuring the ongoing sense of community and belonging our residents experience. This is giving with a purpose. Here are several options for making an impact through your giving. We’re happy to discuss these in detail with you and your financial advisor.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Life insurance offers our friends another way to make an impactful gift to PSC. We all buy insurance plans to provide financial stability in case of premature death. Protection to cover a paid off mortgage, take care of grown children, or be a hedge against spiraling college costs can now fulfill your wish to support PSC.

Naming PSC as a beneficiary of these old policies is easy to do and leaves other assets accessible for your current or future needs.

You might also consider the purchase of a new life insurance policy to donate to PSC. While many folks aren’t positioned to write a large check immediately, using life insurance to make a gift allows a donor to make more significant contributions than they ever thought possible. We encourage all our donors to discuss their plans with their professional advisors.

Giving Through a Trust

There are many types of charitable trusts, and your attorney can design one to fit your individual circumstances and needs. A well-designed trust will help you safeguard the things you’ve worked so hard to accumulate during your working years and is a useful tool when the time comes to distribute assets when you no longer need them.

Whether you want to provide immediate income to family and then eventually benefit a charity or wish to support PSC now and then ensure your family’s well-being, a trust can be an important tool to help you achieve your objective.

Giving through a trust as part of your philanthropy allows you to maintain a great deal of control over assets and distributions and can provide significant financial and tax advantages to you and your family.

We are all called to be good stewards of our gifts from God. After you provide for the needs of your loved ones, why not support some of God’s good works here on Earth? Supporting PSC through your trust is an expression of your dedication to our work and your wish to see it continue while still taking care of family, friends, and loved ones.

Continuing Your Legacy for Years to Come


Many of our supporters have used smart estate planning to support PSC. Bequest gifts come in all sizes and have funded everything from entire building renovations to the provision of meals to residents who might not be able to afford good nutrition.

The advantage of making a bequest through your estate plan is that you have access and control over your assets while living and only later will they be used for the charitable purposes that you intend.

We all follow in the footsteps of those who traveled before us. Their sacrifices, made years or decades ago, help us today, and we have a wonderful opportunity to help those who will follow us in similar fashion. By remembering PSC in your Will, you’re making sure that the work we do for today will continue well into the future.

Back garden at Lockport Presbyterian Home

Impact: Independent Living Suites

“There’s no place like home.”

Those words are just as true today as when Judy Garland immortalized them in The Wizard of Oz so many years ago. In the communities at PSC, our residents’ apartments and suites are indeed “home” in every sense of the word. Over the years, many of our donors have made gifts, in honor of loved ones, which were designated to furnish or refurbish these living spaces. Each apartment or suite at PSC provides a resident with a place to entertain friends and family or rest and recharge after a day’s activities. The generosity of our kind supporters has helped make these living spaces bright, comfortable, and welcoming for all to enjoy.


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