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Major Gifts

Grigg-Lewis House plaque

Your Gift Makes a Difference.

You can support the mission of Presbyterian Senior Care of Western New York (PSC) through multiple ways. Here are several options for making an impact through your giving. We’re happy to discuss these in detail with you and your financial advisor.

Giving Through Retirement Plans

IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Profit Share

People often overlook their 401(k), 403(b), or profit sharing plans when they think about making a charitable gift. In fact, using these assets to support PSC can bring significant benefits to the donor, his or her heirs, and to PSC.

Did you know that basic decisions regarding where to direct retirement assets in your estate plan could significantly lessen the tax burden to those you leave behind?

Supporting the Presbyterian Senior Care Foundation is easy with a planned gift by donating proceeds from your retirement plans. By simply designating PSC as a beneficiary of your retirement plan and directing other assets to heirs, you could reduce their tax burden significantly. You’ll provide for a lasting legacy that will truly enhance the lives of our residents, their families, and PSC.

Gifts of Cash

Cash (including check and credit card) is the most popular type of giving to PSC. You can claim cash gifts as a charitable deduction on your tax return up to 50% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). Your gift is put to immediate use, and you can direct it toward a specific program or community you want to help.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to immediate giving is that you can see first-hand how your support helps us enhance the lives of our seniors, their families, and those we serve. It also gives us the opportunity to say “thank you” in person for your kind generosity!

Stocks and Bonds

There are many ways to give gifts to PSC. If you own appreciated securities (those that have increased in value), you may consider donating the securities directly to PSC. If you have owned the securities for more than one year, you can use their current value as an income tax deduction. We’re happy to work with your financial advisor or broker to be sure your gift is completed accurately, quickly, and is properly acknowledged.

If your securities have decreased in value, it might be advantageous for you to consider selling them and using the cash proceeds to make a charitable gift. The amount of the gift can be tax deductible if you itemize, and the loss created by the sale of depreciated assets may help to offset other taxable income.

Back garden at Lockport Presbyterian Home

Impact: The Angela Rose Parlour

Among the many amazing parts of living in a PSC community is the sense of connection our residents feel to one another. Chances to gather and enjoy each other’s company are plentiful, and they’re made so much better in the bright and welcoming surroundings we provide.

One example is The Angela Rose Parlour at Lockport Presbyterian Home (LPH). Named in honor of a beloved, past administrator of LPH (who occasionally visits to keep in touch), this gathering space is in many ways the center of activity for our residents. On any given day, they’ll enjoy live music, lectures, Wii bowling, and other pastimes that stimulate the mind, body, and spirit. The construction, renovations, and design for this parlour were made possible through the generosity of a couple wishing to enhance the lives of our residents and thank Angela Rose for years of dedicated service to PSC.


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